Monday, February 1, 2010

Stop Right Now. Thank You Very Much.

Sassy Sally. A former co-worker of mine used to call me that and I've got to give it to her. I totally agree. At first, I was like "is Sassy just a nice way of saying bitchy?? hope not..esp since i've always been nice to her and not in that be nice to her face and then turn around and say something bitchy kinda way."

I can tell from the lack of none of my girlfriends initiation convo with me today (except my wonderful B-Rock) that I think some are annoyed by my last post. Others, took it in good stride or realized it wasn't a personal attack or was NOT ABOUT THEM AT ALL and THAAATS what I appreciate.

It's my blog and i can say whatever I want. If you had/have one, you can do the same. I dont use specific names and if you feel offended by anything I've written about my vague term of "girls" and "some friends" and "some besties" then...i should say sorry but I'm not really. Chances are if you feel angry at me for writing about something you know you're guilty of, then who are you really mad at? Me or you?

Stop right now and take a deeeep breath and resist the urge to choke a Sally.

Let me break it down like this. I'm funsized (aka short haha), feisty and armed with wittyness, a mouth and a pack of marby lights. I internalize a lot that people say and explode in the only way and forum I know how--writing and using my smartass/witty ways of getting it out. Then, it's a dead issue. If I really had a problem with you, I'd say so, especially since you know I have a track record of doing that. Not in that "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM BIATCH!" but i know that some of you I have been like "hey what's up with ___?" so we get a better understanding and can fix shit.

And I'm not this bi-polar girl whos gonna write a cute funny blog one minute and then a I AM HOLIER THAN THOU blog the next. It's kinda like what Tupac said about his music. (HAHA YES I DID quote the great philospher, one, Tupac Shakur). He was saying how people think he's always a mad guy but he's not always a mad guy. He uses music as a way to express himself--he feels other emotions too but he doesn't want to rap about flowers and kittens and rainbows. His best stuff is some of his angriest stuff and that's just a sliver of who he is.

Ya see what I'm getting at?

I blog b/c i'm unhappy...and i'm unhappy...b/c i blog... ::burst into tears:: HAHAHAH JK JK JK


Long story short: You don't like it. Don't read it.

That said, I don't think I ever get to touch on the fact about how amazing my friends are, besties and non-besties. For those friends who understand that I'm a silly girl with a silly blog and even outside of the blog, for those who have put up with me when I'm super hyper a.d.d. sillyness, and put up with my miserable crying about God knows what, or put up with my disappearing act, bitching about job hunting, etc etc. I appreciate you every day and maybe I don't say it enough but I do. I love you, you complete me. HAHHA jokes aside, you guys are the bestest =)

(Note to ktj: that previous paragraph is for you. in case you were like "I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WASNT ANYTHING BAD!!! hahahha <3 )

Okay. End the warm fuzzy moment. I've got a rep to protect. ;)