Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yeah so my cabin fever turned into a literal one. How jacked up is that? Me and the rest of the DC Metro area have been snowed and iced in our neighborhoods for the past two weeks and now that it stops snowing, I have a ridiculous cold. As Anna would say, FML!

On the plus side, Ashley and Laura came to save me in what we call the "snow chariot" aka Laura's car w/4 wheel drive (Rochesterrrrrrrrrr) and saved me from my house of boredom and I got to hang with them and Nicole and play rock band. To which i must say this. There's a reason I play guitar and NOT DRUMS. It was definitely a wave of mutilation. ;)

So here I am again, people of the internet, blogging some more of my non-sense at 11 something at night on a Sat night when I should be faced somewhere out there. Hmph. As is life.

I watched the new "We Are The World" song and I'd like to say just one thing.


Don't get me wrong, I love that so many of the celebs took time out of their busy schedules (aka drinking, coking and shopping) to give their time to a good cause but it was very distracting to watch and listen to. If you didn't see it, let me make a long video short. A lot of celebs squashed in a room with a few solos. Not a good number of people like in the 80s version but so many people that I swear everyone in the world partook in the "We Are the World" remake and I just missed the memo. I even think Tupac was there...

P!NK and Jennifer Hudson stole the show in my opinion b/c they can belt it out. Kudos ladies! And then there was an awkward rap part... and Wycleff screaming like a banchee which was an interesting mix of awesome b/c he is so different/talented and is from Haiti and completely terrifying b/c I thought that a stray Mohican was going to throw a tomahok at my head and that was his battle cry.

And then there are those that I'm not sure why they were in the video. Imagine having a dinner party with your closest friends and then 5 of your other friends, who you do like, but didn't invite show up. It's not that you dont want to see them there but you weren't expecting it and not really sure how they got invited but you're much too polite to publicly acknowledge that. That's how I felt when i saw Vince Vaughn and Randy Jackson.

All in all, not a terrible remake. Just a very scattered and confusing version and that's exactly how it left me feeling...

PS Def brings back memories of this: