Monday, February 1, 2010

Same Old Brand New You

Eep. Time to do damage control on my image. I was in hiding most of 2009. I went out here and there but for a large majority, stayed in my comfort zone. In socialite terms, I went on hiatus.

It's 2010 and I've decided to rejoin the world and have gotten bits and pieces of the kind of person that people think I am. I'm not offended--I'm genuinely surprised and some of it I find really comical. I don't sit down with friends at the bar or their apts or at starbucks and say "So. Tell me about me." But just from what I get from conversations, particularly when strolling down memory lane with a friend. But in my case memory lane is more like a back alley. LOL okay not that bad but like I said, I'm very surprised.

I'm apparently known around town as:
-Socialite: Party hopping and never ever staying around at any party for more than an hour. When going out to the bars and clubs, I apparently know "everyone" b/c i run into at least one person i know.
-Flirt: Whyyyyyyyy??? I've heard this from more than five friends, three of which are close friends. HOW and WHY would anyone think I'm a flirt. NO. I am not. I'm friendly and playful. Not flirty! Nothing wrong with that but i really don't think I am. (...I'm not right?)
-Maneater: Depending on how the person explains it (which so far has been nice enough "unintentional maneater"), I guess I don't mind since all of these are people's opinions. I'm not particularly thrilled about this label since I like to think that I take everyone's feelings into consideration and would never get a guy to like me (how does anyone even DO that??) and then brush him aside.
-Feisty/Borderline mean girl: So apparently I am the first one to offer to choke a bitch if they mess with my friends and have no filter on my mouth and unintentionally hurt someone's feelings--repeatedly. These friends give me the benefit of the doubt and they know that I didn't mean it the way it came out. I'd like to say for the record, OUCH. I had no idea that sometimes the things I say can be hurtful. Obviously if I'm intending hurt while seriously arguing with a friend, that's one thing (but even then I don't go for hurt--that's not really my style) but if we're having a normal convo and I say something that hurts your feelings or was a bit below the belt, for the love of God please tell me. I love that you give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I didn't mean it like that but if you don't tell me, I won't know what not to say! No wonder in college for skits I was always cast as the mean girl...and when I ran into a good friend from h.s. he said "Oh i saw mean girls and thought, what is Sally up to nowadays?" Ouch again...
-Goody two-shoe: Sally never gets involved in drama. Sally never drinks or does drugs. Sally is a good whole some sweet innocent girl next door type.
-Dirty cold hearted slutface: And then there's the opposite. I have a few people (namely three) who hate me and have called me some version of the bulletpoint. Two think I stole their boyfriend and the other thinks I ripped his heart out, tossed it aside, peed on it, ran over it with my car, let a dog take a massive dump on it, set it on fire... you get the idea. All three accounts are totally false and you might think to yourself, "well that's just those three people..." Please keep in mind that those people also have friends and when them and their posse are around, the looks start, whispering and mutual friends who oughta know better but dont ask me why i did that. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt...LOL
-Free Spirt: This one always cracks me up b/c I find myself to be quite the opposite. I hate disorder and not having a plan so the fact that so many people find me to be a freespirit is amusing.
-Airhead: 1.) I'm not. 2.) I don't talk like a valley girl!!! STOP SAYING THAT!!! hahahaha 3.) I'm NOT.

Oy. I've got a big re-con project on my hands.

You know, I'm lucky I'm pursuing the world of PR b/c I need a little PR myself, apparently. Hahaha Here's to seeing how it all turns out!