Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love Can Touch Just One Time and Last For A Lifetime

*Dedicated to my bar (or as he would say "bahhh" since he's from Boston!) manager, Matt Binkerd "Matty B." You will be missed.*

::Also note:: Sorry to anyone who thought that I meant Matt BATTISTA died. He definitely didn't!!!! I got some calls and txts of confusion. Wrong Matty B!!!

That said, here's my blog:

I know. Of all the lyrics I could've chosen as the title of my blog, I had to go with the corniest one. If you've continued to read desite the horrible title, thank you. If not, i dont blame you but I guess you wouldn't really know b/c you stopped reading. HAHA

Moving along, Ms. Celine Dion had a point even if she chose the worst words to make her point. No, I was not in love with Matty B. or viceversa. Instead of the word love, I would plug in the word "kindess." You can be kind to someone once and it could last a lifetime.

Matty B. was hands down my fav manager there. [Obviously I adore Dawn, Tasha, Jen, and everyone else but Dawn and Tasha didnt start out as managers and Jen joined the store later.]
I had never worked in a bar before, worked there part time since i had 9-5 job etc. Whenever I fucked up, which wasn't too often but when i did, went all out haha. Matty B was super nice about it.

Working with someone, especially with a boss, who's a cool dude/chick makes work a lot easier to go to and definitely releaves anxiety. You may not LOVE your job or want to go but knowing that your boss wasn't an asshole definitely helps. I don't think he saw it as going out of his way to be nice to me or to any of the other people there--that was the way he treated everyone, that's just who he was. I've had some bosses from hell before so I can't express how much it means to have one thats not awful and how sadly rare it is.

He made working in a HECTIC environment a lot less stressful, didn't make me pay out of my own pocket when that asshole walked out on his tab, he shoved my ex bf when my ex was trying to mess with me at the bar and chased him away from my car when i left and my ex was lurking around my, he and all the bartenders made sure i got the money i deserved from that hell on earth party of 150 people...i could go on and on...eveen though i pretty much just


AHHHHHHHH. Sorry I'm having a hard time focusing and writing. I guess if there's a message or a point to all of this it's simple. A little kindness goes a long way. I wasn't especially close with Matty B but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the year I spent with him and will never forget his kindess. My heart goes out to the rest of you who I know were super tight with him, his family and of course his wife and baby boy.

Peace and love to you MB and thank you for being the person you were. I will always appreciate it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What's love got to do with it?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yeah so my cabin fever turned into a literal one. How jacked up is that? Me and the rest of the DC Metro area have been snowed and iced in our neighborhoods for the past two weeks and now that it stops snowing, I have a ridiculous cold. As Anna would say, FML!

On the plus side, Ashley and Laura came to save me in what we call the "snow chariot" aka Laura's car w/4 wheel drive (Rochesterrrrrrrrrr) and saved me from my house of boredom and I got to hang with them and Nicole and play rock band. To which i must say this. There's a reason I play guitar and NOT DRUMS. It was definitely a wave of mutilation. ;)

So here I am again, people of the internet, blogging some more of my non-sense at 11 something at night on a Sat night when I should be faced somewhere out there. Hmph. As is life.

I watched the new "We Are The World" song and I'd like to say just one thing.


Don't get me wrong, I love that so many of the celebs took time out of their busy schedules (aka drinking, coking and shopping) to give their time to a good cause but it was very distracting to watch and listen to. If you didn't see it, let me make a long video short. A lot of celebs squashed in a room with a few solos. Not a good number of people like in the 80s version but so many people that I swear everyone in the world partook in the "We Are the World" remake and I just missed the memo. I even think Tupac was there...

P!NK and Jennifer Hudson stole the show in my opinion b/c they can belt it out. Kudos ladies! And then there was an awkward rap part... and Wycleff screaming like a banchee which was an interesting mix of awesome b/c he is so different/talented and is from Haiti and completely terrifying b/c I thought that a stray Mohican was going to throw a tomahok at my head and that was his battle cry.

And then there are those that I'm not sure why they were in the video. Imagine having a dinner party with your closest friends and then 5 of your other friends, who you do like, but didn't invite show up. It's not that you dont want to see them there but you weren't expecting it and not really sure how they got invited but you're much too polite to publicly acknowledge that. That's how I felt when i saw Vince Vaughn and Randy Jackson.

All in all, not a terrible remake. Just a very scattered and confusing version and that's exactly how it left me feeling...

PS Def brings back memories of this:

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment

Congrats to the Saints on their first Super Bowl win! It was a great game and the Saint played a great game.

Truthfully? I would've liked it if the Colts won. They're a solid team and Peyton, love him or hate him, is an amazing QB.

I don't understand why people are all whipped in a frenzy because he lost. One loss, doesn't make you a loser. One win, doesn't make you a winner. [Speaking in overall terms that is]

I'm pretty surprised actually about how many people I know were so pro-Saints and anti-Peyton. First of all, Peyton is but one man. People are saying "Peyton lost!" and yet no one seems to be saying the COLTS lost and no one's saying that Drew Brees won. They're saying the Saints won. Double standard much?

Two, I'm really sick of the "rooting for the underdog" mentality. Don't get me wrong, as much as I would've like the Colts to have won (and I did. I was literally rolling on the ground with anxiety and praying outloud in the 4th quarter. Clearly, God cared very little about my request. I mean, he's a busy man and it's pretty hard to tell GOD that you want SAINTS to lose...hahahah). But yeah, this underdog argument has gots to go. Seriously. I love when the little people come out on top and that is cool. But honestly? I think that the best should be the winner, may it be under dog, over dog or snoop dog. This is football--it's not like being line leader in elementary school where people should rotate and give another person (and in this came, team) a chance. The best should win and Saints played a better game so they won. Congrats to them on THAT. [though i do think that the ref made some bullshit calls, in particular, the one in regards to the two point conversion.]

I also think that people are happy the Saints won because it was trendy. In case you haven't notice, i'm really fucking sick of hearing about trends and the people who follow them. Yes, we could get in to a debate about how we all follow trends in some form or another but seriously. From going green to rooting for the saints (and for you non-football people that's the team that Kim Kardashian's bf Reggie Bush plays for...yes, I'm a condescending bitch. Know it, accept it.) to supporting Obama to wearing the yellow live strong rubber band...people just do it because other people do. If you asked them intelligent questions about it, I believe very few people can give you an intelligent answer back. Even supporting Haiti, I feel has gotten out of control, because that too is trendy. Before the disaster, how many people could point Haiti out on a map? It's seriously cool that people do care and are helping that country out because they def need it after the tragedy and my heart goes out to them. If I had any money, I'd totally donate b/c it's friggin terrible about what happened. But I swear, and this could just be me, that people are making a bigger deal about Haiti than the tsunami from a few years ago that devastated southeast asia and ironically enough, Hurricane Katrina. It makes me really sad actually. I guess at the end of the day, no matter the motive, if the people are getting what they need to survive that's a great thing. But being an artsy fartsy freespirit, it kills me that i know it's not all for the right reason to which i must say (in a genuinely non blasphemous way) that this is what God must've meant by wanting people to donate and do good work annonymously because it's the heart that goes into it thats more important than the action done.

I'm not trying to be Captain Killjoy. I understand that some of this liking of stuff is for superficial reasons and not meant to be thought of in a deep manner. Some things in life are carefree and silly fun. Totally get that. I do it too. My issue comes in when you talk like you know something or passionately are for something that you can't intelligently articulate a reason for it at any given point in time.

I'm sure a lot of you probably stopped reading a long time ago because it's like "Oh lawd. Here goes self-righteous Sally again...I wonder if that bitch ever gets nose bleeds from taking the high road all the time..."

But frankly, I don't care. It's like what the character Julie said in "Julie & Julia" that blogs are basically day after day about ME ME ME ME ME ME.

"But Sally, your funny stuff is better."

Trust me, i love me some funny stuff too but I'm going talk about whatever I wants.

Like P!NK says, "I'm not here for your entertainmeeeeeeeeeeent..."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

It's 1:14 am EST in the good ol' FC and what am I doing? I'm blogging. It's a Friday night and I'm blogging. Not like I went out and came home and decided to blog but I don't have much of a choice, along with the other residents of the DC Metro area because we are all miserably snowed in. Ughhhhhhhhhh.

Anyways, what deserves and even bigger UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! is the convo I had with yes, my lil sis Julie. I swear the two of us have the most random and hilarious convos ever. Partly because I think she's half a step away from being a pilgrim and she thinks I'm half a step away from being on the pole. (Completely false btw)

So we started talking about relationships--mind you this is my YOUNGER sister. She was giving me a big list of things that I am doing or have done with males that are inappropriate and misleading--none of which are even physical (I'm not that kinda girl!)

I chatted with her about playing guitar with my BFF and naturally since the BFF is a male, she put on her pilgrim bonnett and grilled me with questions. "Are there at least two adults present when you guys 'play the guitar'??" I was like "One, we DO play guitar and he DOES teach me guitar things and two, yes there are two adults present--us! Why??" She was like "I don't like the sound of guys play in his ROOM? Do you keep the DOOR OPEN? YOU SIT ON HIS BED??" I almost wanted to gross her out and say "actually, no, i dont sit on his bed. I sit on his face" just to mess with her but I think that would've put her 22-yr-old heart into cardiac arrest.

She tsk tsk tsked and told me that i was forbidden to sit on his bed and advised me to bring a camping chair with a cupholder (gotta keep it classy...) for when i go over since they're afforable and portable. I told her she was nuts. She wondered if he had a gf and I told her not to my knowledge. She asked if I was his gf. And i gave her the same response. Then she almost had a fit! After she was finished screaming in horror at my "sluttish" behavior (oh yeeah, playing guitar is really racy...) and told me that I was in a bad situation because "adult situations" can happen (yes she really said that) and I certainly wasn't going to meet any men at his place.

I rolled my eyes (which was kinda pointless since we were on the phone--she lives in portland) and told her that I'm meeting men elsewhere. To which she let out a hurricane of a sigh of relief, saying that she was glad I was meeting men (she wants me at the altar asap b/c she wants a niece or nephew--yeah NOT HAPPENING any time soon!) I was like whatever Jules.

Blah blah blah. ANYWAYS, so this is where it gets interesting. SHE told ME that once I have a bf, my guitar playing days with the BFF are OVER. I'm like are you serious?? AS IF. My future bf is not going to give a hot damn! Then it turned into this...

Me: JULIE, chill out. My future bf won't even CARE. All we do is play the guitar.
Julie: Would he be there with you guys?
Me: No. That's WEIRD. But I guess he could come over too. I don't know. I wouldn't invite him and i wouldn't not invite him.
Julie: And you think he's going to let you go?
Me: LET me? I will do whatever I want!
Julie: HAAAAAAA. Right.
Me: What??
Julie: Have you and this bff ever done anything as more than friends, like things that you don't do with your other male friends?
Me: ....yes...
Julie: Yeah, he's definitely NOT going to let you go. I mean would you let him?
Me: I dont give a crap.
Julie: LIES! You may SAY that now but you don't mean it. Or even if you mean it now, when the situation comes along and it's HIM hanging out with HER. Oh. You'll care. You may not admit it out loud, but inside, you'll care. BOY will YOU care. Psh. Yeah. You'll CAAAAAAAAAARE.
Me: Okay fair. So i won't tell him that we were more than friends before.
Julie: Lying through omission is still a LIE you LIAR. HOW DARE YOU LIE TO YOUR BF?? I bet you wouldn't like it if HE lied to YOU ESPECIALLY about something like that. He wouldn't let you go ESPECIALLY if he knew it was a former something. He'd be worried that you and your "bff" would relight the candle of love.
Me: OKAY ONE WE WERE NEVER BF/GF OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. There is NO candle to be relit because there was never a candle in the first place!
Julie: OMG, that's even WORSE. There's so much more wick to be burned in your candle of love then! How dare you treat your bf like that?
Me: I'm ending this conversation because I don't even have a boyfriend right now so please stop yelling me for poor treatment of imaginary boyfriend....

Way too many rules. But anyways yeah, regarding the sitch, I mean--I'm right right?? Please don't say that she's right. GAHHHHHHHH I refuse to be outknowledged in the male/female relationship department by a PILGRIM.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Same Old Brand New You

Eep. Time to do damage control on my image. I was in hiding most of 2009. I went out here and there but for a large majority, stayed in my comfort zone. In socialite terms, I went on hiatus.

It's 2010 and I've decided to rejoin the world and have gotten bits and pieces of the kind of person that people think I am. I'm not offended--I'm genuinely surprised and some of it I find really comical. I don't sit down with friends at the bar or their apts or at starbucks and say "So. Tell me about me." But just from what I get from conversations, particularly when strolling down memory lane with a friend. But in my case memory lane is more like a back alley. LOL okay not that bad but like I said, I'm very surprised.

I'm apparently known around town as:
-Socialite: Party hopping and never ever staying around at any party for more than an hour. When going out to the bars and clubs, I apparently know "everyone" b/c i run into at least one person i know.
-Flirt: Whyyyyyyyy??? I've heard this from more than five friends, three of which are close friends. HOW and WHY would anyone think I'm a flirt. NO. I am not. I'm friendly and playful. Not flirty! Nothing wrong with that but i really don't think I am. (...I'm not right?)
-Maneater: Depending on how the person explains it (which so far has been nice enough "unintentional maneater"), I guess I don't mind since all of these are people's opinions. I'm not particularly thrilled about this label since I like to think that I take everyone's feelings into consideration and would never get a guy to like me (how does anyone even DO that??) and then brush him aside.
-Feisty/Borderline mean girl: So apparently I am the first one to offer to choke a bitch if they mess with my friends and have no filter on my mouth and unintentionally hurt someone's feelings--repeatedly. These friends give me the benefit of the doubt and they know that I didn't mean it the way it came out. I'd like to say for the record, OUCH. I had no idea that sometimes the things I say can be hurtful. Obviously if I'm intending hurt while seriously arguing with a friend, that's one thing (but even then I don't go for hurt--that's not really my style) but if we're having a normal convo and I say something that hurts your feelings or was a bit below the belt, for the love of God please tell me. I love that you give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I didn't mean it like that but if you don't tell me, I won't know what not to say! No wonder in college for skits I was always cast as the mean girl...and when I ran into a good friend from h.s. he said "Oh i saw mean girls and thought, what is Sally up to nowadays?" Ouch again...
-Goody two-shoe: Sally never gets involved in drama. Sally never drinks or does drugs. Sally is a good whole some sweet innocent girl next door type.
-Dirty cold hearted slutface: And then there's the opposite. I have a few people (namely three) who hate me and have called me some version of the bulletpoint. Two think I stole their boyfriend and the other thinks I ripped his heart out, tossed it aside, peed on it, ran over it with my car, let a dog take a massive dump on it, set it on fire... you get the idea. All three accounts are totally false and you might think to yourself, "well that's just those three people..." Please keep in mind that those people also have friends and when them and their posse are around, the looks start, whispering and mutual friends who oughta know better but dont ask me why i did that. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt...LOL
-Free Spirt: This one always cracks me up b/c I find myself to be quite the opposite. I hate disorder and not having a plan so the fact that so many people find me to be a freespirit is amusing.
-Airhead: 1.) I'm not. 2.) I don't talk like a valley girl!!! STOP SAYING THAT!!! hahahaha 3.) I'm NOT.

Oy. I've got a big re-con project on my hands.

You know, I'm lucky I'm pursuing the world of PR b/c I need a little PR myself, apparently. Hahaha Here's to seeing how it all turns out!

Stop Right Now. Thank You Very Much.

Sassy Sally. A former co-worker of mine used to call me that and I've got to give it to her. I totally agree. At first, I was like "is Sassy just a nice way of saying bitchy?? hope not..esp since i've always been nice to her and not in that be nice to her face and then turn around and say something bitchy kinda way."

I can tell from the lack of none of my girlfriends initiation convo with me today (except my wonderful B-Rock) that I think some are annoyed by my last post. Others, took it in good stride or realized it wasn't a personal attack or was NOT ABOUT THEM AT ALL and THAAATS what I appreciate.

It's my blog and i can say whatever I want. If you had/have one, you can do the same. I dont use specific names and if you feel offended by anything I've written about my vague term of "girls" and "some friends" and "some besties" then...i should say sorry but I'm not really. Chances are if you feel angry at me for writing about something you know you're guilty of, then who are you really mad at? Me or you?

Stop right now and take a deeeep breath and resist the urge to choke a Sally.

Let me break it down like this. I'm funsized (aka short haha), feisty and armed with wittyness, a mouth and a pack of marby lights. I internalize a lot that people say and explode in the only way and forum I know how--writing and using my smartass/witty ways of getting it out. Then, it's a dead issue. If I really had a problem with you, I'd say so, especially since you know I have a track record of doing that. Not in that "WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM BIATCH!" but i know that some of you I have been like "hey what's up with ___?" so we get a better understanding and can fix shit.

And I'm not this bi-polar girl whos gonna write a cute funny blog one minute and then a I AM HOLIER THAN THOU blog the next. It's kinda like what Tupac said about his music. (HAHA YES I DID quote the great philospher, one, Tupac Shakur). He was saying how people think he's always a mad guy but he's not always a mad guy. He uses music as a way to express himself--he feels other emotions too but he doesn't want to rap about flowers and kittens and rainbows. His best stuff is some of his angriest stuff and that's just a sliver of who he is.

Ya see what I'm getting at?

I blog b/c i'm unhappy...and i'm unhappy...b/c i blog... ::burst into tears:: HAHAHAH JK JK JK


Long story short: You don't like it. Don't read it.

That said, I don't think I ever get to touch on the fact about how amazing my friends are, besties and non-besties. For those friends who understand that I'm a silly girl with a silly blog and even outside of the blog, for those who have put up with me when I'm super hyper a.d.d. sillyness, and put up with my miserable crying about God knows what, or put up with my disappearing act, bitching about job hunting, etc etc. I appreciate you every day and maybe I don't say it enough but I do. I love you, you complete me. HAHHA jokes aside, you guys are the bestest =)

(Note to ktj: that previous paragraph is for you. in case you were like "I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WASNT ANYTHING BAD!!! hahahha <3 )

Okay. End the warm fuzzy moment. I've got a rep to protect. ;)

Why? Why? Tell 'em That it's Human Nature...

Why…? why…? Tell ‘Em That It’s Human Nature…
It’s not really human nature so much as it is GIRL nature. I actually have no current beef with any female (or male for that matter) but I can’t help but notice everything that’s going on lately and I think to myself WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?
Why what, Sally?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally a girl’s girl but lately I’ve noticed this growing trend of bullshit ranging from poor treatment of people (some deserved, some not, some of my friends are the instigators, some are the victims), cattiness, CONCEITEDNESS, jealousy—and frankly all this stems from insecurity, I think.
There’s so much that’s wrong that I don’t even know where to start and doubt I can cover it all in one blog so I’m going to hit the most glaring ones.
1.) Attention mongers: A majority of what makes me want to gag are from stuff I see on the net-- Statuses on g-chat, facebook, profile pictures…Everything from suggestive song lyrics to uploading only the MOST attractive photo of you (which is generally a headshot snapped emo style, head pushed out forward—maybe tilted to the side, gobs of make up and probably took about 100 frames to get the right one). I mean I get that no one wants to look like swamp thing and it’s nice to have a pretty picture of yourself. But when it’s like every picture and it changes daily, you have a problem. The latest one has been everyone changing their picture to a celeb that they most resemble. I’d like to preface my next statement with, I think all my friends are either attractive or have attractive qualities about them. But that said, I do wonder if some own anything even remotely reflective because you don’t look like that celeb like at all. And it doesn’t mean you’re ugly if you don’t. They have a team of people to make them look like that every day. And in the grand scheme of things, why does that really matter at all? Because at the end of the day, you’re still you. You’re not ever going to look just like or be Angelina and that’s okay. Just as bad is when other girls reinstate this stupid fact into the person who posted the picture’s brain by saying “OMG you so look like her!” Or if they don’t look like them and someone comments “I don’t see the resemblance…” People get mad! “I can’t believe she doesn’t think I look like ________. EVERYONE tells me I look like _________.” UMMMM WHO CARES? Next, the whole bra color status thing on facebook. I did it initially because a friend of mine sent me a message to do so and i was like “oh weird…why does she want me to do that?” (b/c all it was was a message saying hey whats up sally and change your status to bra color (I don’t want to post the message and call her out) so I did. Then I noticed that everyone else’s was changing too and the guys were catching on. It wasn’t until a friend of mine from high school posted a very simple but oh so true fact that it was for Breast Cancer Awareness and that changing your status wasn’t going to do anything and that if people just donated one dollar, that would’ve done more than the completely useless wave of status change…I wonder if some did it to be suggestive and “sexy” to guys. The same way someone will post some “sexy” lyric from a song like “When it comes to love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun…” If you’re seeking sexual attention that badly from men, be a stripper, an escort, or go to a shrink and find out why you need validation from men so badly. I totally get wanting to be appealing to the opposite sex if that’s what you’re attracted to but overt attempts to be sexy just look easy and desperate.

2.) Prom queen: Why oh why are you feeling the need to go out your way to friend request someone you met once? So your friend count is higher? Why do you notice or care when someone removes you as a friend from the INTERNET WORLD?? Why are you commenting on people’s pages of those people you met once or never see or have some variation of a fake relationship with? Obviously there’s not enough time in the world to get to know everyone ever and maintain a friendship and some people are acquaintances but I think we all know that sometimes people just reach out via text, fb, email etc to people just to get a response back. To make them look “popular” by having X amount of texts, face book comments (ditto goes for the happy birthday comments),

3.) Models and bottles: Unless you’re Tyra, Heidi or Giselle and actually in a real mainstream magazine or represent a label, no one gives a fuck that you’re a model. And even if you are, it still doesn’t matter. You’re still a photogenic walking hanger. I understand that for some it’s totally something that they want to do for a career or it’s fun to do from time to time and that’s awesome because with my poor self esteem and fear of cameras, you know there’s no way in hell I’d be brave enough to do that. But seriously? MODEL DOES NOT EQUAL GOD OR THAT YOURE THE SHIT b/c your friend, your friend’s cousin, some dude you met on craigslist snaps your picture. In regards to the bottles part of the models and bottles section, working at a club or knowing someone who works or own a club also doesn’t mean anything ESPECIALLY in this area where EVERYONE knows someone. It’s not special, it doesn’t make you famous, cool or envied. It makes you a clubber. That’s it.
Quite frankly, my list goes on and on but those were the top three things that have realllllllllllllly been bugging the shit out of me. The fourth place runner up that I just thought of and want to touch on briefly is Miss Sensitivity. MY GOD. When has everything become so political with girls?? Probably since the dawn of time and me being the reigning queen of Miss Naivety for the past 26 years, I feel like it’s even more so now. Every week, not a day goes by when someone I know (and sometimes first hand myself) where I hear a story about so and so being mad at so and so because they didn’t show up at their birthday or invite them to this or that or didn’t come out with everyone when they went to that or preferred to do this to that…WHO CARES? I sincerely hope that friendships are worth more than someone’s appearance at one event. I feel that people shouldn’t have always have to justify why they didn’t go to so and so’s party or invite someone or whatever it is. Sometimes it’s really not personal so stopping taking it that way! If you don’t want to do something, no one should make you feel bad about your choice.
I could seriously go on and on about other stupid shit that girls do that drive me up the wall (another being the girls who say they hate other girls and always have had/prefer guy friends. RIGHT.) Know the movie Mean Girls and how much everyone loved that it was so true to life? If Tina Fey so chooses, she could make that the longest series of movies ever b/c girls pull all kinds of stupid shit. It’s increditble!
Long story short: WTF ladies. Get it together.
Short story long: I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I’ve never done anything like that before because I have. And maybe I will again but dear GOD I hope not because it’s stupid. I think I have a pretty good grasp on the people who do it from time b/c it’s fun (totally acceptable) to those who do it because they need to fill some sort of void (unbeknownst to them it’s the void b/c their ears where a brain should be…) Do what you do, what you do is all on you but if you are “guilty” of any of this—at least fucking admit it instead of acting coy. I much more respect (respect being the operative word, not like) people who say “yeah I do it to get attention” vs those who try to play it coy. In the words of brit brit “You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here but I know what you are…what you are baby…”
Just be prepared when one day my patience for you slips and I’ll definitely tell you to your face what’s up.