Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Roll Up...

I don't mean to roll up on people.

I don’t mean to put people on the spot.

Particularly with weight or eating. I’ll never be the girl to tell you your food looks, smells or tastes disgusting or questionable. (unless its moldy).

I find it terribly rude to do any of the above.

Not quite sure what’s going on here but I find it horribly amusing that I’ve caught 3 people secretly eating in the kitchen at work. It’s bizarre and hilarious. I’ll walk in for a coffee or water refresher and someone will swallow a donut or cookie or a whole potato chip in its entirety and then quickly speak at Mach speed to cover up their embarrassment. Sometimes they don’t make eye contact with me and briskly walk out of the kitchen.

I'm very rapidly approaching doing the heimlich on the next person who tries to engulf part of the junk food spread that's laid out on the table in the kitchen and explaining to them that they are a human. Not a boa constrictor so it's okay to chew and it's okay to take the food from the table and bring to their desk to consume.

Male, female, fat and skinny--i've come a cross several combinations. Why the shame?

The way i see it is that if you're skinny, what are you hiding anyways? If you're fat, it's not like we didn't know it before.

I avoid the table all together b/c I dont have self control. If I eat one sugar cookie, i will devour the rest.

Chew, enjoy, and bon apetite!