Monday, November 17, 2014


After having my wisdom teeth pulled, I've spent the past five days like this in this very outfit. 

This might be the only time ever in life you will get me to sit still and watch a movie. And movie it up I have. At first it was like torture but it was the only way to pass time since I wasn't allowed to eat or talk or work out or smoke--aka my four favorite past times. 

I've now seen the following:
Good Will Hunting
Bridget Jones Diary: Edge of Reason
The Usual Suspects
Love Actually
Pretty in Pink
Can't Hardly Wait
Stand By Me

All were pretty good--though I did have to watch usual suspects twice bc I gave up on it a third into the movie but glad I stuck it out.

I can't wait to be able to eat like a normal person again and work out. This had been completely blissful and totally annoying at the same time. 

I know it was just getting two teeth pulled but talk about not taking things for granted. And they say for the first 48 hours not to do anything which was literally suffocating to me.

I've cleaned out my closet (mostly), washed everything I own, and starting to throw things out. 

On the pampering side, I did deep condition my hair with coconut oil (love that stuff) for the first time and it wasn't so scary (I thought it wouldn't be able to rinse it out at first) got my eyebrows threaded and did a dry scrub. 

On the working out front... It's been maddening. I have been doing squats and push ups here and there just to get unsloth like but... It's not the same. Can't wait for my follow up appt and to be done with all of this.