Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give a Little Respect to Me

I swear sometimes I feel like I'm thirteen going on thirty--particularly when it comes to boys and girls being platonic friends. People constantly tell me that there's no such thing but I vehemently disagree. 

It's such an awkward place to be to have straight guy friends who have significant others and almost none of them like me or care to have a friendship with me outside of their man. Part of me is like your loss bc I'm the perfect friend for you. I'm fiercely loyal and if some slutbag tried to make a move on your boyfriend when you're not there I would tell her to fuck off and that he has someone in his life already. 

And yet I kind of get it, meaning I get not wanting to have someone of the opposite sex be your boyfriends friend. But it's like 1. I'm not a Victoria's Secret model. It's not like I'm some super hot hottie that makes you self conscious or whatever. I'm short and quirky-- not tall and sexy. 2.I have no intention on stealing your man and he is not interested in me either. I'm not one of those girls who's going to say "if I wanted him I'd already have him " bc frankly that's stupid and I don't want him. 3. I have never hooked up with any of my guy friends. 4. Karma is a bitch and is so very real--why would I want to encourage getting bad karma? 5. Get to know me. You may not like me and we may not be BFF but you'll know I'm not that kind of girl nor do I care to be. 

Unfortunately, I feel like this has caused a rift btw my guy friends and me. I feel like a secret friend....lots of harmless texts and calls but no face time alone or without significant other. They are welcome to come but not if they're going to throw daggers at me all night verbally or with looks. I can see and likely hearing you whispering and I know you want me to hear and disappear. 

I'm also not going to disrespect you either. As one of my best friends told me this weekend, and to use her words I have no vested interest in this situation. All three of these situations that are currently playing out. 

Fact check before you point fingers and while you're at it, who are you really mad at? Me who has not done anything or yourself for your blatant insecurity? 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cuz We Need a Little Controversy

Ok enough of the sappy blogs and back to my sassy self. So let's talk football--specially my team. Yeah we won today but I'm still not happy but that's another issue. 

Dan Snyder and important NFL people--DO NOT change the name of the team. It would be fucking ridiculous in a terrible sort of way. Like why after all these years are the protesters pushing especially hard to change it this year? Go play in traffic. 

In NO WAY do I support racism and I get why people would be offended but my bigger issue is what's with the sudden push now? Not to say there wasn't a push for it before but im definitely hearing a lot more about it this year. The logo is tasteful and people who are redskins fans are die hard fans-- not die hard racists. 

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Because frankly if you're trying to get rid of the term you're only going to make it be said even more because people will constantly refer to the team as formerly the Redskins. Like remember when Prince became The Artist/squiggly thing? Yeah people still called his ass prince sooooo.... 

If it's money that you want, then just bloody well say so. Would you still give a shot if we threw some money your way? Likely not, let's be real. And do you think people are going to suddenly burn all of their merch bc of the name? Um, no. If anyone of the fans burn their memorabilia, it's gonna bc the team is sucking. People are always going to wear the Redskins gear so what-- you wanna go to each fans house and take their merch? Not happening dude. 

And what about the redskins cowboys rivalry? Will it now be the cowboys and... What? Warriors? Lame.

Also lame? Changing the name. Why don't we just stop celebrating thanksgiving too? Stupid? Yeah so is changing the name. 

So don't. That's the best and only argument.

Earth Angel

Another sappy birthday blog. I didn't realize how close together two of my "siblings" birthdays were! 

Big time happy birthday to my my non best friend, Ashley. I don't even know where to begin... First things fist I suppose. Everyone needs a friend like Ashley--period. Even if it's your only friend in life, you would be lucky and it would be the only person you need. It would be that friend who would truly never judge you, even if they had their own opinions, be your life cheerleader who would genuinely be happy when something good would happen to you and not in a bitchy fake way, tell you to quit being a bitch if you were being one, be a shoulder to cry on, come pick your drunk ass up, have a crazy fun time partying with, feel your pain as if it were their own, push you to be a better you, unquestionably cut a bitch for you, pick you up when you've fallen, teach you things, inspire you without even realizing it--I mean literally an all in one. 

My family ADORES her and she's basically an extra member and everyone who knows us knows that. As nice as my family is, they are picky as fuck so that should speak volumes of her character.

Even though we've known each other longer than since back in 2006, let's just take it back to that year that solidified our existence in each other's life. I've never laughed so hard (or cried so hard) and drank so much--if there was a party, you likely saw us there or we were hosting it. Neither of us had jobs for a good bit of that year being newly graduates, but that never stopped us from having the time of our lives while we looked. And hell at that point we were literally neighbors so how sweet was that set up??? 

We both made huge mistakes in love, enjoyed many nights doing karaoke, stupid crash diets, went to a ridiculous amount of house parties, straight bars, gay bars, Ashley would play video games while acting as my shrink as I tried to figure out my life and love life, went to florida, worked odd jobs, smoked cigs while doing cardio--we were a hot ass mess but adorably so. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are lucky there wasn't a camera crew following Ashley and me around bc it was wildly entertaining and for no reason--sometimes there doesn't have to be. 

Flash forward to now where we both have jobs, dont get to party with each other, really grown into ourselves--we are real life grown ups! But yet get us on the phone together or in person and were still the same smart and silly girls we were back then. 

We've had share of personal tragedies and I know for my own, I can't imagine having anyone else there for me. How much of an angel is Ashley that when my dad passed away, instead of my family telling me themselves, they called her first to tell me.  She picked me up from work, held my hand the whole time--just everything I needed when I couldn't think function or breathe. 

I never have to question if Ashley will be there for me--it's a given. I'm constantly amazed by my amazing friend. She has been through SOOOOOO much in her life but is still one of THE MOST thoughtful, kind hearted, selfless people I know. The things that people don't think of--she does! We knew of someone who didn't drink so when having a party, Ashley would buy other juices and sodas in addition to the mixers for drinkers. When my sister was really sick, she made this superfun get well bag filled with all of her fav candies and Spanish people magazine hahaha I mean her kind heart is limitless and genuine but don't get it confused--cross her and... Well let's just say you don't want to cross her. 

She's insanely talented at basically everything ever and is quick to teach and help other who don't get it aka the rest of us. Her positivity energy and well energy in general is infectious. She's bold and not afraid to be who she is and what she is is freaking awesome. 

Love my non ridiculously so, and hope she continues to love laugh and live it up into her 30s as she did in years past. 

Ashley--you really are an earth angel and I'm so lucky to have u in my life.