Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cuz We Need a Little Controversy

Ok enough of the sappy blogs and back to my sassy self. So let's talk football--specially my team. Yeah we won today but I'm still not happy but that's another issue. 

Dan Snyder and important NFL people--DO NOT change the name of the team. It would be fucking ridiculous in a terrible sort of way. Like why after all these years are the protesters pushing especially hard to change it this year? Go play in traffic. 

In NO WAY do I support racism and I get why people would be offended but my bigger issue is what's with the sudden push now? Not to say there wasn't a push for it before but im definitely hearing a lot more about it this year. The logo is tasteful and people who are redskins fans are die hard fans-- not die hard racists. 

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Because frankly if you're trying to get rid of the term you're only going to make it be said even more because people will constantly refer to the team as formerly the Redskins. Like remember when Prince became The Artist/squiggly thing? Yeah people still called his ass prince sooooo.... 

If it's money that you want, then just bloody well say so. Would you still give a shot if we threw some money your way? Likely not, let's be real. And do you think people are going to suddenly burn all of their merch bc of the name? Um, no. If anyone of the fans burn their memorabilia, it's gonna bc the team is sucking. People are always going to wear the Redskins gear so what-- you wanna go to each fans house and take their merch? Not happening dude. 

And what about the redskins cowboys rivalry? Will it now be the cowboys and... What? Warriors? Lame.

Also lame? Changing the name. Why don't we just stop celebrating thanksgiving too? Stupid? Yeah so is changing the name. 

So don't. That's the best and only argument.