Monday, May 11, 2009

Those Were The Best Days of My LIFE!

Summer of '69. Wasn't alive but according to Bryan Adams, it was pretty bangin'.
Summer of '79. Still wasn't alive but the Ataris had a good time.

I think I'm going to make my memories in 09 b/c i'm actually alive for it and apparently summers that end in 9 are supposed to be hella good.

Heres my to do list (and i'll add on as necessary)
-Flag Football with the company
-Cali! (that's happening soon!)
-Go to the crick in PA to see Janel with Crystal
-Go to NJ to see Stepheny with Jeremy
-Visit Tanner and Peter Rabbit b/c I keep saying I will and haven't yet
-Kings Dominion
-All kinds of kiddie stuff: go kart, batting cages, mini golf, water fight, etc
-Allow myself to get drunk at least a handful of times instead of my usual 2 times a year
-Visit Justine in FL b/c im a bad person for still not having done so
-Back to CA for the 4th of July? Perhaps.

More to come..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

So. I've been in hibernation most of the winter. I rarely go out on weekends, partly b/c I'm bored with the usual that everyone wants to do (i.e. same tired bars/clubs. So then I opted for catching up with friends low key but even that got to be too much effort and predictable) and then mostly b/c of the weather being cold. I don't do cold.

"Come snowboarding!"

"You like skateboaring and surfing. It's the same thing. "

"You'll be a Natural!"



NO. [pause] Sorry I was on a roll.. Because you know what the problem with snowboarding is? The snow part. If we can do it without snow, then i'm down.

But then it's called skateboarding or surfing now isn't it?

I'm not knocking snowboarding at all--it does look pretty badass but i am knocking the snow part. NO.

Hahah okay so back to my original point, last night I went out.

I DEF did not want to go out.
1.) Having my period (sorry guys TMI but its the truth and I speak nothing but the truth and unlike jack nicholson I dont CARE if you can handle it or not.)
2.) Exhaustion!
3.) Lounges really aren't my thing.
4.) I'm acting like an old person b/c of my hibernation habits.
5.) There is no 5. I just feel like 4 is an awkward place to leave off a list.

Why I went out
1.) Guilt
2.) Sasina aka Soup (which would fall under the category of guilt) it was her bday and she's one of my girl's at work
3.) Carl (who also falls under the category of guilt). I thought i'd be slick and send a text saying im going to not out--twice even. Then got one back from him saying 'no. not acceptable' along with ways i can shake my exhaustion. And then another one about fall out plans in case I wanted to leave early. lol totally gets an A for effort and S for success
4.) Caroline. She's not a lounge girl either but she was gonna suck it up and go for Soup so i figured, I'm not gonna be the brat who doesn't go
5.) Please see #5 from previous list

End result? I had a really fun time! It was a hot mess (in a good way) and I'm glad that reasons 2-4 convinced me to stop acting old and just come out.

Shadowroom really wasn't bad at all. I'd go back. But probably a bit earlier b/c we got there right when everyone else was toasty aka WASTED.

Danced a little (and i do mean a little. my dress made it impossible to dance comfortably b/c of the way it gets tight at the bottom of it--even thoguh it's a short dress), laughed a lot (esp while people watching--a fav hobby of mine) and drank a little.

Yes. Me. The girl who never ever drinks had a few. Little buzzed which is where i like to keep it when hanging out with coworkers. And i adore my coworkers but it will be a lot easier/more comforable for me to get wasted when we dont work together anymore b/c I dont have to hang my head in shame/drinker's remorse. Or worse yet, drinkers reminder (i.e. "OMG Sally do you remember when you....")

And I dont judge or think differently of anyone who does. I wish i could. But i know that's going to end up in sloppy embarrassment for me.

Last time I was sufficiently wasted was at Stan's bday party at his, shmerik and los' place and I still cringe about that. Let's just highlight some of my finer moments. I dont want to but I'd rather tell you myself than have someone else say it.

-Acting like the world is my stage...STRIPPER stage. (No i didn't take any clothes off but i was shaking it like the rent was due instead of my normal mini wiggles i call sober dance )
-People handed me all kinds of food to get me to sober up and I was being such a brat about not wanting to eat anything that i threw a donut across the room after taking a bite out of it (i think stan caught it in the box)
-Made out with a guy in the hall (identity of male, unimportant)
-Giggle incessantly about everything...esp not being able to throw up when all 30 people were trying to get my to (though i must say--Emily and Pamela's were by far the most comedic)
-Feeling the need to start every sentece with "HEEEEY GUYSSSSSSSSSS!" or ending it with "AHHHHHHHH THATS WHAT SHE SAID"

Yes. I'd rather not.

What was my original topic? Oh yeah. Acting my age. So yeah it was def good move to go out on a fri night, put my freak'em dress on and go around town.

Tonight I was supposed to do the same but what am I doing? Blogging on a sat night b/c I guess i didn't learn all that much Fri night. LOL

Maybe i'll have to have 2-4 rotate call me to make sure I'm going out at some point on my weekends.

Monday, May 4, 2009

When Two Become One

Ok. I'm way sick of all these meshing of two terms or making up "cutesy" "clever" terms that people are doing nowadays.

1.) Mushing Celebrity Names Together:
Ex: Brangelina, Speidi, etc.
My Gripe: It's not funny nor is it clever.

The first time it came around was when it was Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. That was mildly entertaining b/c Ben and Jen do rhyme and so Bennifer was alright. But now the entertainment world thinks its cool to mush any old two names together. I wish I could go off on a tangent as to why it's completely obnoxious but really, I feel like there's nothing more to say other than not clever, not funny. So what's point? I seriously don't get it.

2.) Coining "contemporary" terms:
Ex: "Sexpert", "Tween", "frenemy", "sexting"
My Gripe: Why do you have to come up with a term for it? Just call it like it is.

I understand that this country is based on capitalism and labels but could we please just give it a rest? I think what really disgusted me was hearing a bit on Elliott in the Morning on my drive to work and he was talking about a man who was a lawyer and killed himself at work because he had gotten laid off (amongst other things) and that the new term for people killing themselves due to lay offs or anything else is in this economy is called "econocide." Why are we trying to make something that's totally not a funny topic, a term for that? Not everything needs a term or a group or a category. Let it go.

Hearing all these terms makes me groan inwardly...and outwardly come to think of it.

It just reminds me of being on a bad date with a guy who won't stop cracking jokes HE thinks is funny and i have to smile politely while I'm dying inwardly going "Yeah no second date." Or when you meet your friends' parents (or bf's parents--or gf depending on which way you swing)
and their dad is super nice but won't stop making these corny ass jokes and you just laugh in the beginning to be nice and b/c it's endearing and then later it's not so funny and your face hurts from faking smiles.

...just stop... Please? Thanks.