Monday, May 11, 2009

Those Were The Best Days of My LIFE!

Summer of '69. Wasn't alive but according to Bryan Adams, it was pretty bangin'.
Summer of '79. Still wasn't alive but the Ataris had a good time.

I think I'm going to make my memories in 09 b/c i'm actually alive for it and apparently summers that end in 9 are supposed to be hella good.

Heres my to do list (and i'll add on as necessary)
-Flag Football with the company
-Cali! (that's happening soon!)
-Go to the crick in PA to see Janel with Crystal
-Go to NJ to see Stepheny with Jeremy
-Visit Tanner and Peter Rabbit b/c I keep saying I will and haven't yet
-Kings Dominion
-All kinds of kiddie stuff: go kart, batting cages, mini golf, water fight, etc
-Allow myself to get drunk at least a handful of times instead of my usual 2 times a year
-Visit Justine in FL b/c im a bad person for still not having done so
-Back to CA for the 4th of July? Perhaps.

More to come..