Thursday, September 17, 2009

Done Done and I'm on to the Next One

Here's the sitch. I'm moving on to a new job. And it wasn't until recently that I realized that starting jobs, being in jobs and quitting jobs are oh so similar to being in a relationship. Let's take a look at my past three as an example starting with the oldest.

1.) The Staffing Firm aka First Love
-I didn't think it would last long at all but suddenly found myself with it for a year and a half. I started out nervous and shy but it grew on me and soon I felt at ease. There were awesome days that I couldn't believe how lucky I was. There were awful days when I wondered what I had done in a past life to deserve to be treated so poorly. They wanted me to commit (roll to perm) and I just couldn't. I wanted different things. I knew bigger and better things were out there for me but I stayed b/c it was familiar and I didn't have anyone else. Then the company got comfortable with me and took me for granted when I always did everything in the 'relationship' and put everything into it. They stopped trying. I threated to 'break up' (quit) with it many a time. Then the day came where all the bullshit just wasn't worth it anymore no matter the promises to change and be better. I had enough and took my stuff and left. I learned so much and don't regret my experience at all but at the same time would never ever go back to it. And while I do think back and smile sometimes, I have a bigger smile knowing I made the right decision.

2.) The Current Job aka The Perfect on Paper Boyfriend
-Got together because everything seemed so ideal. Just had gotten out of a hellish dramatic 'relationship' (job) and wanted/needed something good. And this was good. Everything is perfect. Great reputation. Respectful. Honest. Educated. Stable. Consistent. Parents would be more than proud to know their daughter is with such a great company (boyfriend). But there's something missing. There's no spark. There's no life. There's no personality. There's not much to it at all other than feeling trapped and bored to tears. The break up (two weeks notice) was taken very poorly but it didn't want to talk about it. Just make blunt and hurt comments but won't go into depth about it. But then how can you blame 'em? It never had depth in the first place so no wonder it can't recognize it. Some may think I never gave it a fair shot but they don't know anything and who would know better than the person in the situation? That's me. duh.

3.) The Next Job aka Prince Charming
-Still shaken and extremely guarded after being burned so bad by the first and things being so wrong with the second. How can I trust the third? But it has an even better reputation and it was like I've known him (the company) for years just upon the first meeting. Calls and emails about how great he (the company) thinks I am and can't wait to see me and have me. A girl can get used to that. And because of the good behavior that's been extended from the other end, I want to work extra hard to make this work. And of course naturally, some others who are supposed to be friends are jealous and foaming at the mouth making bitchy side comments either about how "Well you've gotten nothing but shit so I guess this is good." and "Congrats, I guess." Well they can take those comments and shove it up their ass because it's a good thing. I can't believe it. I'm terrified somthing's going to happen but nothing has so far. I'm going to start off slowly--slowly meaning not giving them all of me up front but still doing an amazing job and then when trust is gained, it'll be good for both.

How relationshipy was that?? Speeaking of which I need to have a session with my "panel" as I like to call them. I have a list of questions and this time I really will post both question and answer. It's always entertaining and wayyyyyyyy to fun. Til then, I'll keep you posted on the newest "relationship" haha

Monday, September 7, 2009

No More Drama in Our Livessss~

Two months into the new job and as dry and boring as it is (and DO BELIVE THAT IT IS), it was probably one of the best moves of my life. It's nice to work with no drama and with grown ups who act accordingly, earn way more than i did before, etc.

I still miss my old coworkers/friends but I don't miss the drama rama and the ridiculousness/power hungry/whiney/fakeness. Hahah i know how can i say on one hand i miss 'em and on the other i don't? B/c it was just a select few that can go rot in hell and most likely will. But not by my doing. It's flat out not my place. Now that doesn't mean i'm not gonna say a bitchy thing or laugh when others who are still trapped with the demons make fun of them (and boy do they haha note to them: welcome to a slice of my life for the past year and a half) Karma shall handle the rest. Just saying.

Moving along, I apologize for the missing Sallyness. It's hard being socialite! The new job, the internship, the gym, family and friends, the boyness, learning this thing called the guitar, writing a book--it's a lot balance! I'm lucky I have so many people who want to spend time with a sally and just as lucky that people understand that I can't always partake in things b/c of my sched. I'm not so lucky that some people blow up my phone and get pissy with me for not getting back and grill me about my whereabouts. Uh, that might be why i dont get back atcha pissy mcpissass!

Random switch of topic, today is the end of summerrrr. Wahhhhhhhhh!

Lets take a look at my list i wrote out earlier this year and see what i did and didn't do on the sally summer list:

1.) Flag Football with the company
-Yups! Did it and had fun when i wasn't busy being stomped on by the fat QB in cleats, knocked down by my fellow player (ahahah kidding...! it's all good homie), not thrown the ball to (Oh wait that was every game...jk they threw to me 3 times of which i caught 2 yay!), or slammed on my head. Hahah all things considered, it really was a good time and i kinda miss it!
2.) Cali!
3.) Go to the crick to see Janel with Crystal
-Negative. Boooooo. But we had hectic schedules! I hope to make it up there for Scoelloween. =D
4.) Go to NJ to see Stepheny with Jeremy.
-Hahah that's also a no but i'm sure it'll be soon. =)
5.) Visit Tanner and Peter Rabbit b/c i keep saying that i will and haven't
-Yeah still talking, no follow through. Shame on me =(
6.) All kinds of kiddie stuff: go kart, batting cages etc.
-Negative again. Damn I suck!
7.) Kings Dominion
-Nope nope nope. sigh
8.) Allow myself to get drunk
-I don't really remember. I know i did in cali but not after that. hmmm...
9.) Visit Justine
-AHHH i dont like my list. i didn't but not b/c i don't love her. but rather, i apparently suck at doing things on my list.
10.) Back to CA for 4th of July?
-That's also a nope. Hahah I went to Nicole's for that. =D

So what does this mean? I guess it could mean that I suck at life and more specifically at lists but i'd like to think of it as things i can do in the fall/winter. yes? Yes. =)