Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Milkshake Brings All The Boys to the Yard

Yeah too bad it's not my milkshake.

Apparently it's my fowl mood which only goes to show that yes, ladies, guys DO only like bitchy women.

(kidding. kinda.)

I was a ball of fury this morning. The reason for the fury is unimportant. What is is that I went downstairs to have a mental breakdown and honestly burst in to tears or chainsmoke myself into a coma. Perhaps both.

I grab my marlboros and stupidly forgot to bring some form of fire so when I got outside I asked a fellow smoker I chat with occasionally for a light which he seemed to have decided was jusssssst the right time to start hitting on me. Telling me that he would do ANYTHING for me and that the weather was supposed to be beautiful this weekend--did I have plans. I gave him quick answers with a smile and sat on the bottomstep to resume crying and dialing (which btw never happened. The crying part.)

I felt bad b/c he IS a legitly nice guy BUT that was not the time for anything. I bitch bitch bitch on the phone, throw my kicked ciggie out and then turn to go back into the building when TWO guys stopped and were like "Heeeeey, why are you rushing in?" I'm like I DONT KNOW YOU! PISS OFF.

...too bad I didn't actually say that.

I tried to be polite but then they started with the "it's supposed to be beautiful this weekend" and im like HOLY JESUS. FIND A BETTER PICK UP LINE.

...but I didn't actually say that either.

I rushed through the conversation and through the revovling doors.


Final thought? not only do guys like bitchy women BUT it truly IS when you're not looking for attention from someone that you get attention from everyone.

Mazal Tov.