Friday, September 19, 2008

If Life Is So Fair, Why Do Roses Have Thorns?--Tickle Me Emo

Three songs are currently rockin' my world and I had to share.

I know, very emo of me, but that's why there's the quote from Tickle Me Emo as my blog title. (Although all blogs are pretty emo if you think about it...LoL)

On to the songs!

1.) Katy Perry: Hot N Cold
Why: Because I swear as emotional and flighty and girly as guys claim that girls can be, they pull the same shit!

Choice awesome lyrics: "Yeah you P.M.S like a bitch/I would know..." ; "cuz you're hot and you're cold,/you're yes then you're no/you're in then you're out/ you're wrong when it's right/ it's black and it's white/ we fight we break up/we kiss we make up/you don't really wanna stay no/but you don't really wanna go..."

2.) Leona Lewis: Better In Time

Why: Because whether you're a chick or a dude, we've all done that whole heartbreak, first love thing and whether it ended well or not, it still was like whoa...and even though the words sound cliche and maybe cheezy, it's actually not. It's relatable.

Choice awesome lyrics: "Thought I couldn't live without you/It's gonna hurt when it heals too/It'll all get better in time/Even though I really loved you/Gonna smile because I deserve to/It'll all get better in time"

3.) Coldplay: Viva La Vida

Why: Ehhh I don't know. This song is just the shit. That's all. Hahah

Choice awesome lyrics: See Above.