Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Am NOT Getting Down With The Sickness

Well. That's what you get for being a socialite in the public eye.
The one day that you're sick, the paparazi swarm around snap your photo.
Oh well.
At least I had my best purple fuzzy slippers on....

My throat feels like i'm swallowing shards of glass.
My ears feel like someone has taken a wine opener and continuously worked the swirly corkremover down into my ear drum.
My eyes feel like they've been sitting in chlorine sans goggles.
My body feels like a steamroller has gone back back forth forth with it.
Irritation level is out of control.
Worse than the psychoist biatch you know.

So i'm doing the nyquil, tylenol, soup, vitamin c, garlic, salt gargle, tea, honey, lemon, vicks, lots of sleep regime. All this should take care of my symptoms. what does one do or take to get rid or cure the mass amounts of bullshit/bullshitty people around them? Hmmm....