Friday, September 26, 2008

I See Their Lips Movin' But I Don't Hear Nothin'

"I see your lips movin' but I don't hear nothing
Everybody's talkin' like they really know something about us
But they dont' know nothing about us..."

--Brooke Hogan

See, I'm glad my girl Brooke Hogan wrote a song on my behalf about my relationship and feelings towards Jesse McCartney.

There seems to be some sort of backlash and hateration on my crush Jesse. I mean like really, come on now! What's with the hateration of this hater nation? I dont get it!

Here are some prime examples:

**Names have been change to protect the haters.
(Kidding. I love these kids)

At work on Trill (Inner office AIM)

-09:19] brooker:Jesse mcCartney...really?
![09:19] OMG
[09:19] yes
[09:19] and i want him and his G5 G5
[09:19] ;)
[09:20] i feel a little like NBCs chris hansen is gonna be mad at me BUT jesse is 21!
[09:20] and he's so calming. "Don't stress dont stress dont stress sally, you deserve nothin' but the best'
[09:21] brooker: i dunno...

On Facebook
Ti** wrote at 2:51pm
sally...i'm only telling you this because i'm a concerned friend.............i think you have a really unhealthy obsession with Jesse McCartney.LOL - love you!!! xoxo ;-)

On G-Chat:

2:37 PM me: No one understand my love for jesse.... ::sigh::
2:40 PM Brock**: aaahahaha WHY NOT I DO> but i also like miley cyrus so..

2:43 PM me: LOL bc at work they made fun of m me =( see what had happened was....

Brock: hahaha story

2:44 PM me: i was um...::cough:: savingapictureofhimtomydesktopformyblog::cough:: and then laughing and pointing occured =/
Brock: OHNOOO HAHAHAHA ohnoohnoohno me: and um...i couldn't find the file that i saved the pic under
2:47 PM Brock: aahahaha oh my gosh
me: do you KNOW what it's like to call IT to find a pic NOT for work and of JESSE MCCARTNEY!? hahhahaha
2:49 PM Brock: NOOHAHAHAHA i bet that spread like wildfire haha
2:50 PM me: sigh. they aren't head quartered here thankfully
2:51 PM Brock: lol. oh, sally.
me: so somewhere in MA they are judging me =( hahaha
2:52 PM Broke: HAHAA the entire dept
2:53 PM me: Um. Thanks. This is where my good friend Brock makes me feel like a winner...
Hahah well fine. It's okay.
At least Brooke Hogan understands.
And Hogan knows best, right?

I hate everyone.