Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stupid girls stuuuuupid girls

Sadly I'm that stupid girl in question. I'm feeling extra dumb lately and can't turn it off. 

Ex 1: Shopping at target and the clerk politely asked what I needed help finding and I said spoons and lighters without thinking. Totally got a judgmental look but polite service and no further questions asked. And then I realized I sounded like a heroin addict. Merp. 

Ex 2: I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it's taking so damn long for me to break in my new shoes especially the right shoe. I slipped it off my foot bent the shoe around the part where the toes were and even stuck my hand in the shoe for good measure and upon piling my hand out realized that it still had the cardboard to help keep the shoes shape in it. And I realized I'm a moron. Merp.

Ex 3: I took a screen shot to show a friend my shattered phone. I could not Figure out why the shattered part didn't show up. And then I realized bc it's not fucking supposed to take a pic of ur actual phone or the physical screen. Merp. 

I could go on but will refrain and hope you all still read my blogs even if they are from a stupid bt at least good humored and honest girl.