Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I just love this little guy. He is that little mouse that wakes up in the beginning of Cinderella and then sees his tail all knotted up and does a double take before he grumpily undoes the tangles. Basically not that different from how I wake up only replace tail with hair. 

I feel like there's something wrong with the universe because it's eerily quiet in my end. But then, it could just be the way of the world. I was watching the skins vs broncos game after a sbux date with Ktj and bc it was literally painful to watch the game, I some how ended up watching a few minutes of oprah. There was this lady who in the audience who said that she was doing everything she could to make her dream happen, though not specifying what it was. Oprah understood (uhhhh duh she's Oprah) and told her own (no pun intended) story. Long story short, she wanted any part if they movie the color purple, whether it was holding a light or walking by as an extra. She was obsessed and went to a fat farm to lose weight to perhaps increase her chances. She didn't hear anything from the movie and finally she gave up and, as it usually goes in these types of stories, the minute she did, she got the call. 

You hear those types of stories all the time and you roll your eyes and it's like pfffft right. Go fuck yourself. Bc you're sooooo tangled up in the shit life's thrown at you but I've got to say, there is some truth in that. It's hard to explain... It's like when people say when you stop trying to look for a girlfriend or boyfriend is when you meet mr/ms right. And it's kinda true. 

I noticed that one thing I let go has actually made life easier so if I could just do that with others... It's so damn hard but in the spirit of being true to my resolution of eving fearless, I'll continue.

And setting a MUCH easier goal for next year...