Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Not Right, But its Okay

I don't know why that song reminds me of one of my best friends, Megan but I'm sure there's some insanely funny only to us story behind it. 

So what's not right but okay is me missing my dad. I've been super public about it on my blog but I know not everyone reads it and its certainly not Facebook where the minute you post something, it's everyone's business regardless of your privacy setting. I kept talking about him in the present tense and my darling Samantha sunshine very honestly and genuinely told me that I need to stop that. She said it with such a caring and genuine tone that it struck a chord in me and now I'm being very honest about it--when it comes up anyways. Ashley confirmed this and you know Ashley is my ride or die friend. Hate that term but that's the most accurate way to describe our friendship. 

I caught myself staring at my dads pic on my sisters Facebook and couldn't help but just miss him all over again. As if it was the first time. With football season in full effect and his birthday was just on Sunday, my heart is heavy. I felt ridiculous for being as upset as I am about him and now I don't care what anyone thinks. He was an amazing father to my sisters and me and an amazing husband to my mom. Not perfect because who is? I miss him terribly. TERRIBLY. 

But am lucky to have the rest of the girls in my family and my supportive friends around. There's a silly quote from one of my favorite authors that says "the stars are always out. Sometimes we just can't see them"