Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bullet with Butterfly Wings

The name of my blog isn't quite relevant to what I'm about to write. Honestly? I just want to show off my pumpkin and have a pumpkin relevant song so Smashing Pumpkins it is. 

It's supposed to be hello kitty as a witch holding a broom stick--the bristles being above her signature bow. I've never carved a pumpkin and didn't use a stencil and this it came out pretty darn well. Ironically I don't really like hello kitty stuff but with my new obsession with wearing a single bow in my hair and having a wide pale face makes people tell me I look like her. Gee thanks. Hahah 

Odd little stream of consciousness but I realized today how obsessed with music I am. I by no means care to be the voice have the x-factor nor want to be your next American idol or show America I've got talent bc truthfully I don't. I can hold a tune and play a number of songs on the guitar and dance occasionally on rhythm but a musical genius I am not. Not fishing for compliments--it's just the truth of the matter. Doesn't stop me from belting out a tune or choppily playing a song on my guitar. 

I wish there was a job where I could just do all thing a music--choose the songs that go in the background of TV shows and movies, make a music game, I could talk to strangers all day long about music, reminisce about songs, find out what songs are really about, make playlists, the list goes on and on. I love checking out new music, hearing people's opinions about music-it's all fascinating to me. Between music and writing I don't know which would win. But at the same time don't want to be a music journalist bc I am but a simple girl who couldn't tell you about the nuances and deal with the expected criticism of my taste. Like the pathetic no lifers who post comments on anything on the internet which is why I do that've comments on this blog. 

I just insanely have passion for music. Good bad and indifferent. Today I heard mr. Bigs next to be with you and forgot about traffic all together, almost walked out at a bar that was playing Creed, and harassed my older sister with the what is your top three favorite song questions.

Ok let's see how I can make myself relevant to the blog title... Well for one, I certainly do feel like a bullet with butterfly wings. Moving at Mach speed but having butterfly wings to add a feminine touch and could potentially just flutter around aimlessly if I so choose. Sorry that's probably not what the song means at all but whatever.