Monday, April 19, 2010

How Could You Be So Heartless?

Yep. And yet another animal hating statement from yours truly.

I dont actually hate animals though. I just dont get the big flipping deal about certain ones.

Like deer. (and obviously owls b/c of my previous entry)

I dont know how or why this even came up but when i was at the boys' house on sat night, the subject of deer came up and i expressed my enormous apathy for deer.

(Oh wait, I remember. Someone on tv was wearing a john deer shirt and i said i dont like johns and i dont like deer so john deer is out of the question for me. And being that im a minority, I think that's quite alright.)

Anyways, my friend tried to pull the Bambi card out on me to appeal to my emotions. He was like "Humans killed Bambi's mother Sally" and i was like oh puh-lease. Not gonna work!

Seriously? I used to feel the same way everyone does about Disney's Bambi.

You know, OMG THEY KILLED BAMBIS MOTHER!!! ::cue tears and avoiding watching that movie on purpose ever again::

But guess what kiddos? Deer? They're like totally playing the victim.

Seriously! Just think about it...

Like dude, how would YOU feel if Disney made a movie about an adorable little kid who's mother is driving home from dropping him off somewhere and her car gets HIT by a deer and she dies? And there's no baby's daddy so now he's an orphan?

Yeah. Exactly.

And as for the "I'm a vegetarian b/c killing animals to eat meat is mean" people. I bring you some lyrics from NOFX's song "Shut Up Already":

"Affection not dissection meat is murder animals are for petting
oh shut up already I'm tired of you whining
about poor little animals dying and the food they are supplying
because if a big animal had he chance
it wouldn't take another glance it would eat you up"