Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I wish I Was Special...So F***in SPECIALLLL

I get nervous everytime I have a frank and honest blog because of the backlash I get but you know what? It's my damn blog so here I go!

It's ridiculous how self centered everyone is and I'm pretty appalled and to a larger extent annoyed by it. I understand to some extent it's human nature and that's just how it is but i can't help but wonder why. Obviously as human being we're all selfish b/c at the end of the day, who have we got? Us. Right. Got it. But there's an overwhelming type of people that I'm genuinely concerned and bewildered by.

I know it must be like, well what (and more specifically WHO) sparked this?

Nothing actually. I've been trying write my book and came across a writers block so decided to take a step back to examining people in general and found that despite my wide spectrum of friends and acquatinces have the following thing in common.

EVERYONE seems to think the following about themselves:
-Too nice
-Hates drama
-Hopeless in relationships
-Perfect for a reality show
-A beach person
-Unhappy in their job
-A great listener/the one people go to their problems with/always there for people
-A hilarious/flirtatious drunk
-A people person
-Hates everyone
-Is an optimist
-So fat
-Okay looking/averagely attractive

None of these qualities are unique, I'm sorry to say. None. Accept it.

I struggle b/c I'm not sure if it's something that I'm pissed that I know so many people like this or that I can't seem to understand the rational behind it.

Like, I wonder why everyone has the need to be numero uno in life in general and always in competition with their own friends, even if it's not intentional. Maybe competition isn't the right word but trying to stand out. Religiously checking the number of friends they have on facebook, adding people you met once and will probably never speak to again, trying to think of a saucy, clever, funny, attention grabbing status message on facebook, gchat etc, taking pics and posting them where everyone looks like they're friends and having a greeat time when actually the night was either horribly boring or full of drama rama.

I can't say I've never done any of this before but I can say I definitely believe that there's a category of people who almost strategically do this and it's very...well i wanna say pathetic but given that these are my friends i'm talking about...mystifying? LOL i dont know.

I find solace in people who are rarely on or don't own a social networking sites, show a deeper understanding and appreciation for life, and have more than a shread of intelligence. All relative and subjective, I realize.

Sometimes I look at these things and can see how people do it or say things for a light hearted fun side or speak for dramatic effect but dont actually takethe topic all that seriously. I know I do. Sometimes I roll my eyes and want to ship myself to a deserted island b/c I find people too selfish, self involved and way too dependent on other people/social media (she said in her blog haha i know). And other times, like now, I genuinely feel sorry for people like this. And it's not the kind of I'm sorry where you're clearing being condescending but I really do feel sorry to these kinds of people. I wonder...what happened to you to make you like this? And why can't you stop?

Long story short, no one's special, everyone's special. Get over it. youuuuuuuuuu....hahahaha