Monday, December 30, 2013

A Change Will Do You Good

Fuck you 2013. Go fuck yourself hard in the ass. Nothing good came from you except your end. 

May 2014 bring back the silly fun Sally we all miss--especially me. I've always had some feistiness to me but this year has been straight up depressing. I spent most of it sobbing, wanting to be alone and or pissed off.

So. Year in review:

Jan - dad went to the hospital

Feb - dad went to heaven 

Mar - funeral

April - series of unfortunate events. Flat tires, two trips to ER for me

May - Angry for no reason month

June - laid off bc I wouldn't move across the country 

July - started a new job 

Aug - crying for no reason month 

Sept - leave me alone month 

Oct - trying to snap out of it month

Nov - I don't care month

Dec - No holiday spirit month. Not even unhappy with holidays--literally just not noticing the difference between one month and another 

What a negative year in review. I'm sure I can do this again with a more positive spin. I just don't care to.

I'm ridiculously excited for this year to end and refuse to do anything to celebrate it. BUH BYE!