Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give a Little Respect to Me

I swear sometimes I feel like I'm thirteen going on thirty--particularly when it comes to boys and girls being platonic friends. People constantly tell me that there's no such thing but I vehemently disagree. 

It's such an awkward place to be to have straight guy friends who have significant others and almost none of them like me or care to have a friendship with me outside of their man. Part of me is like your loss bc I'm the perfect friend for you. I'm fiercely loyal and if some slutbag tried to make a move on your boyfriend when you're not there I would tell her to fuck off and that he has someone in his life already. 

And yet I kind of get it, meaning I get not wanting to have someone of the opposite sex be your boyfriends friend. But it's like 1. I'm not a Victoria's Secret model. It's not like I'm some super hot hottie that makes you self conscious or whatever. I'm short and quirky-- not tall and sexy. 2.I have no intention on stealing your man and he is not interested in me either. I'm not one of those girls who's going to say "if I wanted him I'd already have him " bc frankly that's stupid and I don't want him. 3. I have never hooked up with any of my guy friends. 4. Karma is a bitch and is so very real--why would I want to encourage getting bad karma? 5. Get to know me. You may not like me and we may not be BFF but you'll know I'm not that kind of girl nor do I care to be. 

Unfortunately, I feel like this has caused a rift btw my guy friends and me. I feel like a secret friend....lots of harmless texts and calls but no face time alone or without significant other. They are welcome to come but not if they're going to throw daggers at me all night verbally or with looks. I can see and likely hearing you whispering and I know you want me to hear and disappear. 

I'm also not going to disrespect you either. As one of my best friends told me this weekend, and to use her words I have no vested interest in this situation. All three of these situations that are currently playing out. 

Fact check before you point fingers and while you're at it, who are you really mad at? Me who has not done anything or yourself for your blatant insecurity?