Sunday, August 25, 2013

And These Foolish Games... (Part I)

It's funny just how true it is that quality totally kicks quantity's ass. In this particular case, I'm referring to the years I've been friends with these two guys I've known for just over a year and a half or so give or take a few and they've become immediate staples in my life. Like if I won some contest that was a free trip + bring friends or hit the jackpot and went to go party and celebrate, these two guys (and their respective ladies!) would undoubtedly be on the list. Silliness, loyalty and sincerity go a long way in my book and these two guys have it down. They did the impossible by being the first ones to make me smile after my dad died (i'm sure it would've been a laugh vs a smile but given my previous statement NOTHING was going to make me laugh) and just made going to work something to look forward to b/c I was excited to see my friends.

Okay now that the mushy ass-kissing back-story part is done, let's get into the fun stuff. 

We started playing this absurd game via emoticons spelling (emoting??) song lyrics and I have to say (and obviously share) that the shit we came up with is brilliant and hilarious. We're all music fanatics (nerds) and this game cracks me up (not just because I started it--yes...queen nerd).

Scroll through and see if you can guess the song. There are tons more (mostly my fault haha) but i'll upload in batches b/c cropping out our private convos is a giant pain in the ass but that shit's none of anyone's business (which now saying that makes it sound like we're Pinky and The Brain style trying to take over the universe but it's just mostly chatter you all wouldn't know or care about).

Oh and don't jack our shit but feel free to share or start your own chain. I'd love to see it!