Friday, December 14, 2012

Tears in Heaven

As a writer, I'm never really short of things to say but the complete devastation and horror of what happened in Connecticut has left me speechless. There are no words I can think of to express my sorrow for the parents, families, the community in general. And I'm sure many people have echoed this sentiment on Facebook and twitter and other forms of social media to the point where it may sound cliche and generic but I don't feel that it is cliche nor generic. It's real. All of our hearts are breaking. The hardest question I'm finding is a simple one word question--why? Why did this have to happen? Why would anyone do something so fucking vicious and flat out evil? We all keep saying after a tragedy that things have got to change. Why hasn't it? Why? I know something's in life are out of our control but dammit there has to be something... We cannot keep living in this kind of world. 

I had dinner tonight with a very dear friend of mine and we talked about this for a bit and she said something that touched my heart. She was commenting on how awful this is and how she wishes that people would get this mad and this upset about all the other stuff that goes on in the world too like the train/bus accident that killed 51 people, mostly children in Egypt. Granted, that may have been an accident versus a fucking psychopath with a gun but those children lost their lives too. I am guilty of not paying as much attention to that story as the one in Connecticut but the bottom line is a tragedy is a tragedy and not a competition. 

It's not just the holiday season that's making me so emotional. It's not even my period which has made me beyond cray cray the past two days. It's the fact that these stories keep happening and so often that the reaction after the initial and lingering horror is, "AGAIN??? ANOTHER ONE??" It's just fucking terrible. 

Please... I dont know who even reads this anymore but if anyone is, please exercise kindness. It's free and it doesn't hurt and it's so damn easy. Be kind to one another even when it seems impossible (i.e. that slow asshole you're stuck driving behind). 

It's the least we can all to do as fellow humans.