Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keeps Getting Better

I woke up this morning like a bitch. Bitch meaning a scary mean for no reason girl. I was ready to slice people with my cutting remarks. I barely looked up from my screen at work let alone uttered any words. I was pretty sure today was gonna suck.

It didn't!

I think it's helpful that the people on my floor are actually really nice so even if I wanted to be mean and nasty, I just couldn't.

I think the FML moment of the day was so horrifying, it just made me laugh. Turn about ten shades of red and laugh. Sometimes, it's like there's nothing else you can do. I was emailing my coworkers a forward from a pervy coworker. Long story short, this is the guy who 'accidentally' forgot I was Asian right after he announced that he's never had an Asian girl and has always wanted to bang one out. Classy.

Anyways, he had forwarded me an email from his consultant who is in love with him. It was pretty funny. Not so funny? She's ruining my life b/c she doesn't know how to do something pretty basic and it's beyond frustrating. So he forwards an email to my boss and me letting us know that his person is having some trouble. I wrote back to him saying that I hate his girlfriend and I would appreciate that in the future, he chose SMARTER girls. He wrote back saying that he's not gonna lie--he loves dumb girls! I snorted and forwarded his email to two girls that were in my department (the others were away from their desk) and the girl who sits by said person. We'll call him Ernie. My mean email with the forward below said "Yeah b/c that's the only girl that would go for him. [i.e. dumb] Just saying!" one girl snorted and giggled, another wrote to me expressing her agreement and the OTHER girl put my shit on blast b/c she wrote back to me and CC'ed ERNIE!!!! HE SAW MY MEAN EMAIL. Then writes to me saying that he appreciates my kind words.

Holy fuck. HOLY BALLS. HOLY. BALLS. I was horribly embarrassed.

I guess there's something to be said about don't say behind someone's back what you wouldn't say to their face.

You think that would've made my day worse but at that point I did the only thing you can do. Laugh. Heartily and really hard.

And then the rest of my day did fall into place.

I learned the following:

Meatloaf will do the following for love:
Meatloaf will NOT do the following for love: