Saturday, February 18, 2012

And All That Jazz

Seriously? I missed blogging yesterday. I wasn't home at all except to change and go back out and eventually sleep. That totally puts a damper on blogging everyday for a year. I think I shoud get immunity b/c I wasnt home and sure I could've done it at work but it was AT WORK.. you know WORKING.


That said, I am balls tired. I can't stop saying the word balls. I dont know why! Everything is balls cold or oh balls. I know I pointed out that its my new fav saying but STILL. I'm balls tired b/c a friend of mine had to put her dog down to sleep minutes ago and I just got off the phone with her to make sure she was doing okay. And she is. Whew!

Change of topic, Happy 7th anniversary to the DC Girly Show! They put on a great production of Chicago last night at Phase. All the ladies and members of the DC Kings did an AWESOME job.

Zach Morris TIME OUT style: I have to braggy brag here for a second--my NoN-Best Friend, Private Tails (stage name obv) is TOTES the best performer of the bunch and she is amazing!!! Super pretty [i know, irrelevant but still, snaps to her genetics!) and has such stage presence! Best dancer, highest kicks, best splits, most energy--She's amazeballs (OMG BALLS AGAIN!) and if you haven't seen her yet or if you're not in this area, you have to go to a show/look her stuff up. FAB!

Ok, I'm going back to bed. Nothing funny or quirky to say but just wanted to blog to keep things up.

And for the record, to the losers who told me we were getting snowed out tomorrow, F. U.

It's PM showers and we'll be back up to 60 degrees by Weds...