Monday, March 17, 2014

Let it Go

Ok top two things a majority of us are sick of--snow and the movie Frozen. I get it. I'm likely leading the angry mob. 

(Okay so I drew the picture above and liked the movie but still--over it)

People in the DC area are all bitching and moaning about the snow--myself included. I get really sick of seeing my newsfeed covered in the same post of people saying they hate snow, tired of snow , the over dramatization of "it's going to snow at least SEVENTY INCHES" and the people who get mad at the meteorologists. 

Side rant: I don't really know why people get so mad at the meteorologists. Like for fucks sake people, they are weather people--not psychic. Like Outkast says--you can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather. 

But by far the most irritating of it all are when people in other areas make fun of MY area for freaking out about the snow. 

Seriously bitches? 

Let's go.

It's a lot like family where you can bitch about them but other people do, it is not okay. 

1. We're not used to a lot of snow because we're not in a hardcore snowy place like the New England area or Antarctica. 1-2 isn't the end of the world but anything more is.  Quit puffing your chest and say boasting about being from Michigan or New Hampshire where people still function when it snows twice as much. Guess what, kiddo--you're not there you're here and we suck at winter weather so tough. Bragging about walking in the snow to and from school for 20 miles both ways uphill, means basically nothing to us. Let us bitch. Even if you don't let us, we will. Get off our nuts--that's just what it is. 

2. We are never prepared even when we know it's coming. Don't blame the citizens--blame VDOT. Nothing is more irritating than seeing plow trucks on a terrifyingly snowy road and they are driving by without the plows down and don't give a flying fuck. I'm sure they aren't allowed to plow out of the goodness of their heart for whatever reason but it doesn't make it less irritating. Like come the fuck on. They said 8" and stupid VDOT sends out like five plows for all of northern va--no boo boo. No. That is not okay. Salt the roads, plow them, fucking lick the ice and snow off the road but do your damn job. When normal people don't do theirs--they get fired. K? 

2. We CAN blame citizens for driving. We suck at driving and we always point the finger at someone else but everyone is pointing at everyone else so that means we all collectively suck. Ice and snow make it a billion times worse bc as if driving a metal sleigh of doom isn't bad enough, you're paranoid of someone else's tin can running into yours. Fuck that. 

3. DC is filled with pretentious people constantly trying to climb the ladder of success, however they so choose to measure it. Therefore anything that gets in their way of getting to a client meeting, a new Audi, drinks at a new place, a new handbag, etc will become the target of hate bc God forbid any of us have to wait for anything. It's obnoxious but dammit that's who we are and we don't like anything stopping is. 

4. Once we finally do go where we need to, ain't not where to park! Again, I blame VDOT. 

Long story short, this winter has been completely horrific and thankfully it's over (hopefully).

Let us bitch--and let it go.