Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love in a Hopeless Place

Big bomb to drop on everyone last post and trust me it was about as much fun to write as it was to read but I digress.

Still in hermit crab mode but wanted to peek out from the shell and try to highlight somethings that i love so I dont end up going crazy with grief and become some crazy cat lady who eats light bulbs.

Lets keep it to twenty things I love but not in order and not top twenty.


* Looking back at old pictures even as "old" as last year of friends family or moments i totally forgot about
* When the barista at Sbux draws a heart or smiley face on my cup
* Listening to old mixed cds
* The Golden Girls
* Getting an amazing parking spot
* The cashier says that something was on sale that you didnt realize ie me yesterday with a pair of shoes
* Running farther or working out harder than intended
* Thoughtful surprises from others
* Singing in the car whether alone or with friends
* Fuji apple chicken salads with baguette from Panera
* Flowers
* Fluffy soft blankets
* Hearing from old friends
* New make up even if its just a replacement of your depleted usual
* Opening the door to go to work and its warm out
* I dont frequent 711 but love how they all smell the same no matter what state or city youre in haha
* Chopped marathons on Food Network
* Discovering new music
* Green tea
* Smell of coconut

Well. That was easier to do than I thought! A little corny but my blog and my world needed some light. Try it too or at least think about it.

Til next time