Monday, July 16, 2012


Oh, Hi President Obama. Or POTUS if you prefer. For those of you who aren't hip to the term is just another word to add to the acronym/name mashing craze that's been invading society that stands for President of the United States.

FabulosiTi invited me to go with her to the rally at Centreville HS and while I'm not fully in support of either candidate, I think our president is an excellent speaker so i thought that it would definitely be interesting to check out.

We did a bday (hurray!) breakfast for fabulosiTi at Eggspectations (highly recommend) and made our way over to the high school. I was as worried as the next person that traffic and clusterfuck mania would be underway but it was actually extremely organized and therefore, no clusterfucks were had. Getting out of the place is a slightly different story but still, not too bad at all. You'd be surprised how far a smile gets you in life. You dont even have to be attractive and people for the most part WILL respond in a positive way. Unless they suck at life but takes many to make the world go round. Lifesuckers and all.

Waiting in line almost killed me since it was balls hot and while they had cold water for all the people in line (and almost cruely no portapotties...but apparenetly it's b/c the secret service said no to that and frankly, who wants to argue with them? Not me!), they definitely lacked in the entertainment part. Granted there was a nutjob running up and down the line screaming "FIRED UP!" and the correct response is "READY TO GO!" but with it being so hot and so many people in line not rally savvy (myself included) people either gave a half-hearted response or didn't know what to say. I did feel bad for the whackadoo so occassionally when she went by, I did shout back "Ready to Go!"

Until i got distracted by a sexy secret serviceman outside the building. A slightly older guy (mid 30s?) but still, HOT. And that's rare that you'll hear me just say that. Im usually not the kinda gal who will say something racy as such but dammit he was sexy. And the other agent inside was SUPPPPPPPPPPPER sexy also.

Wait, what was this blog about? Hahhaha

Oh yeah, lack of entertainment. I mean, seriously, aside from the Romney supporters protesting (note, please remember that they had every right to--it's their first right actually! Freedom of speech and what not) and nutsack screaming 'fired up!" it was lackluster. Next time, we need a boombox. Maybe some LMFAO or something to get the crowd, for lack of better term, fired up and ready to go.

Once we got inside, it was another 1.5 hours before POTUS was scheduled to speak and let me just say, when the music arrived, i wish it hadn't. It was like this terrible music played by who i hope was NOT the white house dj. Republican party, democratic party, i just like to party but it was evident that this guy didn't otherwise he wouldn't have played such dreadful music. Why not a little Party in the USA per Miley? Fun and relevant! No such luck. I'm going to buy the president an iTunes gift card along with a playlist he should consider. The only decent song was Al Green's lets stay together but cmon people, it's a rally, not a wedding reception.

Things rolled along and people got up there and spoke (after one of the oddest renditions of the Star Spangled Banner I've ever heard which was sung by a woman who sounded like a man doing an impersonation of a whale), and then dat da DAAAAAAAAA! POTUS.

[side note: did you know that the national anthem at a rally is not the same as a national anthem at a sporting event? I learned that you do not shout "OH!" at the "Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave" part. Eep!]

Obama is a great speaker from what i've seen on TV and now i can say that in person he's just as captivating. Granted, i did differ with him on several issues (healthcare...immigration...) but that aside, he's darn good at giving a speech. And I must say it was quite nice that he didn't shit talk Romney. Very respectable.

He turned to look at my section and my heart sank. POTUS looks stressed out! Or sick! Or like he needs a nap. I really did wish I had some b-vitamins or a banana or something for him but no such luck. And frankly, I'm not sure the secret service would much appreciate it.

While he didn't change my mind about issues at the rally, he did reaffirm my opinion that he does seem like a nice guy who's trying to do the right thing. Or at least what he thinks is the right thing, even if it isn't so to many of us.

Agree with him, dont agree with him--feel how you may but i'll say this, no one person will make EVERYONE or even the vast majority happy. Regardless of who you support, always be respectful.